How to populate two banks of a lake?

Started by Raiker, September 08, 2009, 10:58:20 am

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Hi all. I've started learning objects in Terragen 2 and got the following problem. I have a scene with a population of trees added to make the nearest hills full of trees.

However, as you can see, trees are in water too since population is a square, streched from one bank though water to another. Here is the view from Terragen:

So what I want is either to divide the population into two non-square figures or make another populations and rotate each one to correspond to bank's outline. However I couldn't find any of such features in Terragen. So... how can I solve this problem? Thanks!


the simplest way to solve this is to add a density shader in the populator.
You would create a new distribution shader (as the density shader). Go into that new distribution shader and set an altitude constraint higher than your water level.
Now repopulate. You will see that your newly populated tree instances only grow on ground higher that the altitude you have specified.


Volker Harun

in the population, you can add a density-shader.
There is a free text-field, click on the right hand side and go to: Create new shader, Colour shader, distribution shader.
In that new created shader go to the altitude settings and change these to your needs. ,-)

Frank was faster ;)