Glowing spheres, the files

Started by AndyWelder, September 17, 2007, 08:48:20 am

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Some fooling around with spheres and light sources and translucency and fake stones and...
Maybe some if you can find a use for it.
The clip file is just one sphere node with all shaders (including the light source) in the internal network.
The .TGD is the one used to create the render with six spheres.

The images used with the 'image map shaders' are not included but you can easily replace them with something you like. ;)
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Nice work Andy..These will come in handy for some ideas i have ;)

Volker Harun


THANKS!   ;D  <--  Happy camper.
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that was the first thing I tried when I found out about luminosity, I even used the same or a very similar texture! :)
I just didn´t know then that luminosity doesn´t contribute real light to the scene.
With your lightsource it might work like I intented it! Great!
I like your Stones also.