Swedish Terragen users sought for article

Started by Jörgen Städje, February 23, 2012, 03:49:48 pm

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Jörgen Städje

February 23, 2012, 03:49:48 pm Last Edit: February 23, 2012, 03:57:25 pm by Oshyan
Dear Gentlemen,

My name is Jörgen Städje, a Swedish techie journalist, trying to write something about Terragen 2 for the Swedish edition of Techworld (www.techworld.se) on IDG Sweden. To my dismay I found there aren't any Terragen users in Sweden, that the distributor knows of.

Would anyone of you with professional experience of Terragen 2 be interested in being interviewed by me, regarding this wonderful piece of software, how you use it, what kind of projects you are in, what other kinds of software you are using, etc? I have passed my deadline already and is slightly desperate. The interview could be over the phone or via email.

Also, I'd like to ujse a few stunning images for my artickles, like a planet, a beautiful landscape etc ypu know. I'll credit the artist, as usual, of course.

Please help: jorgen@qedata.se


Hello Jörgen,

is it absolutely required for the interview to be a Swedish national? If not, I could suggest a few good interview candidates to you, who know the software in and out.


Jörgen Städje

The interviewees could be English or Americans, no problem. In that case the interview could be done via e-mail. Then I need someone who is a somewhat accomplished writer, who is able to write something interesting, and preferably allow me to publish one or two ULTRA-AMAZING pictures.

I was thinking perhaps along the lines of producing a Terragen landscape and then exporting this to some post production tool and putting in for example a CAD model of car or other product in some exotic place (on a mountain top?), or perhaps a building, and making a few publicity shots. I don't know... Just an idea.

The subjects would be:

Present yourself and your job/comapny etc.
What are you using Terragen for?
What other software products are you using along with Terragen to accomplish your projects?
Describe the workflow of a typical project
How do you plant flowers and trees in your synthetic worlds?
What sort of hardware are you using?
Any funny stories (You know, once I had a customer who wanted...)
Anything else you feel would fit in this context
Can I have a reasonably good picture of you? Your hardware?

I need something like 8000+ characters including spaces.

Thanks in advance. I am really pressed for time.