Lake Water Animation

Started by Hetzen, October 30, 2009, 09:31:02 AM

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Hi guys

I've recently been working on some background plates, and I needed to animate the lake water, so I exported a .chan file of a camera moving 'n' meters in y, to import into a transform shader attached between a water shader and the lake object (shown below). The reason for this and for not doing it directly in TG, is that I didn't want any ease in or out keyframes. Below is a zip file of 4 .chan files you can use over 200 frames, from 10m/8secs to 100m/8secs. Just import them inside the transform shader, which will move the water shader's noise through Y, and gives quite convincing movement to your water.

Anyway, nothing spectacular, just something you may find usefull.




didn't see this sharing file !!! thanks, i will give it a try for sure ;)