Red River Area WIP

Started by RArcher, November 23, 2009, 08:06:08 pm

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I'd like to chime in here with everyone else and say that this is absolutely awesome. I am still pretty much completely new to TG2 and it seems that I keep becoming more and more amazed at what people are doing with this awesome program!! Excellent and inspiring work!
Brooks Tilson

Linda McCarthy


That's some nice work there!!


This Really Quite Amazing and I do believe you have the realism down pat.
My Only question is: How do you Mask? I know how to make a mask, but I can not figure out how to use it in TG2. Any help would Greatly Appreciated I assure you!!!


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Yeah really nice image. This would be amazing animated. I could just imagine the camera starting out in the fields like in your 3rd shots, in amongst the trees then the camera moving up and flying over the landscape.

I wonder if Ryan or Dune could create a tutorial on using masks within TG?


No need to write a tutorial, it's quite straightforward. Best is if you have a detailed map where all the different elements (grass, arable land, river, roads, woods...) have a different color. Import in PS, select the ground cover (say woods) you want, make another layer, fill with white, inverse selection, fill with black, save this layer as 'wood-mask.tif' (make it gray-scale to decrease file size). You can even decrease the size of some masks if they are not to be very precise. Etc. You can always color/adjust by hand. Or paint the whole mask series by hand, which I often do.
It's easier to see if you import the total map first (image map shader) and attach this to the color input of a surface shader. Temporarily. Then import mask in an image shader (Y plan), set the size to the size of the area you want to show. Attach as blender to a next surface layer, and color/displace that layer or use as a mask for the trees. You'll manage from here on, I guess.

Things like roads need to be sharp, so you might want to enlarge (200% or more) the initial map and paint very sharp white lines where the roads are.

Hope this helps.