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Started by Hannes, December 04, 2009, 12:05:02 pm

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This is the image I was writing about in this thread:

Finishing this one was like giving birth to an elephant baby, I can tell you!

Some information:
after I had these render problems I mentioned in the thread above, I rerendered the whole thing in quick render mode with higher settings without any error. Strange. Like Oshyan said there is no difference in the render presets except the settings.  ???
Anyway it worked.

There's a lot of stuff in that image: Vegetation here frome the file section (thanks to the creators, I don't really remember who made what...), except the "hero tree", which was created in 3ds max, mainly with a plugin called "tree storm" which I had the opportunity to put my hands onto. It's not allowed to share objects created with that plugin, so I'm terribly sorry that I can't share this tree.
Anyway, I didn't like the trunk. It was just a regular column. I distorted it to make it look really gnarly and copied some of the bigger branches and "glued" them to the bottom to fake some roots. Hard to see, but they are there!
The foliage wasn't dense enough, so I erased it and used the smaller branches as particle emitter. The particles were four sets of billboards with leaf textures and opacity maps. I then used ivy generator and exported the whole object into TG, adjusted the textures.
More than 300 MB!! Takes quite a while to load. Nevertheless I had no problems creating a whole population with it.

The godrays are rendered in a separate pass and were added in Photoshop to have more control over it.
I wasn't able to eliminate the grain and noise in the volume light. It's just the haze in the athmosphere tab with ray trace shadows on. The first attempt was made with 128 samples. Because of the bad look I upped the samples to 360(!). Still grainy, so I had to reduce some noise in PS.

Next I created a DOF mask and blurred the result in PS. The last thing was adjusting contrast, saturation and colour grading. Hope you like it.

Henry Blewer

I looked for Easter bunnies hopping around on a path to Jr's house. Great image. It's surreal, like an illustration for 'Alice in Wonderland'.
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Very nice does kind of have a fantasy feel to it.


Great picture. I read through the other thread about the problems you encountered and it's absolutely weird. Well at least it worked the way you described it :)
I really like the tree you modeled, it makes for a dense wood. Hm, only thing, there's no immediate eye-catcher. Such as a kind of hero-object. But that's a matter of taste and composition I guess. ;)
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Henry Blewer

I think that's why I thought of rabbits. But sometimes you do not need a focus. There was a landscape painting period about 1900, where the entire image was the focus. This was used for glass paintings mostly.
Forget Tuesday; It's just Monday spelled with a T


love the mood here, the hard work has paid off, well done!