How to create your own planet?

Started by drhobbot, December 29, 2009, 06:00:30 am

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Hi Everyone!

I beg your pardon for my googlean English. Unfortunately it is not only not my native language, but at school I have not studied it, too.

So. Who can I explain something like a planet with existing topographic data? To start? Perhaps there is some sort of tutorial on this?
I have two files (in the best resolution)

This displacement of the planet and its image of the cosmos. How can I use them to create their own planet?

Большое спасибо сервису за предоставленную возможность общатся с Вами :)

Forgot to ask.
Later, I would like to fill your world objects from 3d max. Is this possible? Thank you.


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Please look here :

There are certainly other topics about this.

If you export 3d max  meshes as  OBJ  files you can use them in TG2 . TG2 can use OBJ , LWO ,TGO objects .
But the best is OBJ i think. If you have problem with objects after you import them in TG2 try using Poseray .
It is a free software anyway and very good.




Thank you. But I do not find in this thread instructions how to place a texture on the entire planet. I just started studying Terragen 2, I study it for two days. Can anyone else tell me in detail how to do it?

Thanks to Google translator, which helps me to communicate with you:)


To place a texture on a planet use an "Image Map Shader" set to "Spherical Projection". make sure you copy your planets co-ordinates from the planet object to the Image Map Shader. I assume the images you've posted above are NOT the ones you wish to use. I would advise using images of at least 2000px x 4000px and conciderably larger if at all posible.
Hope this helps

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I'd recommend using procedural shaders and surface layers instead of an image map. More realistic.
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