Started by Doug, April 21, 2022, 08:51:49 PM

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will we be able to tilt a Lake in future versions? or have different shapes?


You can always displace the lake, and use default shader opacity with a mask to make whatever shouldn't be visible, not visible. A camera and distance shader fed to a displacement shader can give you tilt with the camera at once end of the lake/plane/sphere, masked by a simple shape or whatever.


What is your aim?


im trying to avoid doing what WAS is describing above, (learning nodes)

could we import a Peanut Shape instead of a circle and have it be a Lake?

and can we tilt it instead of displacing it?


Instead of the lake object you can use or import whatever object you like and apply the water shader to it. Objects can be masked and tilted. (The lake object can be masked as well of course).


cool, i will give it a try

how does that work with the cloud shader, the same? just apply it and figure out the best settings?


Unfortunately you can not use an object as a cloud volume (container). You can somehow fake it a bit by masking a cloud by some image maps with the contour of your object from different angles, but that's not very precise.
However the cloud density shader itself is similar to a power fractal shader. You can use it wherever you want, but I guess you're talking about clouds in a specific object shape.