Stone Age settlement

Started by Dune, January 17, 2010, 04:18:42 am

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Here's another project I'm working on, still very WIP. A Stone Age settlement along a river near the Dutch coast. Based on exact locations. The houses are not exactly as they are meant to be, but I put them in for the time being. Some human activity will have to be put in as well. And some cattle, but it's hard to find a nice grazing (brown) cow. I'll probably have to fake something in XFrog that would look reasonable from a distance. Any comments are welcome, of course.



your views on the dutch landscape are always looking very good, I'm sure this will end up with a lot of detail just like the medieval versions.
Do you also paint the rivers and small lakes?



Yes, almost anything is based upon PS painted masks.


Nice concept - love the depth and sense of scale here - I would make some of the greens a little darker

Henry Blewer

How now brown cow.

Lightwave used to have a cow object in its distribution. This may be public domain now. It had the black white coloring, but it should be easy enough to change this. The only problem is the breed. It think it is a guernsey. Stone age cows would be quite different.
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Please forgive any ignorance, should there not be a ring ditch around settlement as there is evidence of else where in Europe notably the UK? If the settlement depicted followed, the pattern of other settlements of the Stone Age and beyond into the bronze and iron ages and certainly in use in the Roman period, there would be a ring ditch around the settlement, with its entrance centered on the road.

The inside of this ditch would have a wooden palisade for defense and to protect the livestock at night form animal attack. If to your knowledge the Dutch did not do this then forgive my error.


Regards to you.




As ever, your ground cover surfacing is superb.


Thanks for your comments. I've been busy modeling an 'old race' cow (not a racing cow) in XFrog today. From a distance it will look okay. It even has horns!
@ Cyber-Angel: In this case they are very primitive farmers settling here and there on the higher grounds. They didn't have defense systems. Anyway, that's what the archeology bureau tells me. Or they haven't found the remnants (ground coloring) and don't know. This is what they want, anyway. Only have to work on the buildings....



Another one of these! Even though it's not finished, the level of detail and variety is astonishing. Very inspirational once again!


I echo Otakar...can't wait for the final!!


Pretty damned good so far. Can't wait to see a close up of an Xfrog cow! ;D


Curiously waiting... This is already good looking  :)



Hi Ulco,

Looks good so far! I'm curious to see all the details you're probably going to add in.
Looking forward to your next iteration :)



Well, Hetzen, the cow really looks quite ok. I'll post a render. XFrog is the only modeling prog I can use, and with a little fiddling it works for many things. Although I would really need some (better) Stone Age houses with sagging roofs, and they cannot be produced easily in XFrog. Perhaps with a leaf as roof, but the texturing will be hard. So close up things are what I made and I change details in PS afterwards. At least I have the shadows and such in place.

Henry Blewer

Send me an image of what you want modeled. I'll be glad to build you some long houses. I can't do cows. For some reason I freeze up or just do not get organic modeling.
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