How can I lower the altitude of my heightmap to 0 in a certain part of it ?

Started by smoluck, February 23, 2007, 06:04:08 AM

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How can I lower the altitude of my heightmap (15 km by 15km) to 0 just in a squared area ( 5 km by 5km ) at his own center ?

Should I merge 2 heightfield ( one 15 km and the other 5 km size ) to create that type of topology ?

Do I use an imagemap, and how ?

I need to flatten my heightfield to Zero Altitude ( size 15 km by 15 km ) on a square area (5 km by 5 km) at center.


OK I've found a solution. ( At last I 've understood the Output-Input logic  ::) )

Here a screenshot of what I 've searchin during 3 hours. Now you'll understood what I search to do,  :D

that's evident that my second HeightfieldGenerate as 0 scale for the displacement, and overide the first heightmap to flatten it at 0 altitude.

Now I want to find a solution to mix an Heightfield of 15 Km with another ( fo exemple an height map designed for a road circuit ) and mix that circuit with a 2 Bits black and white image map to add some montain in some free area of my circuit.

(sorry for my poor english level)


You could use a Merge Shader to mix multiple heightfields, but it may not get you the results you're looking for. Frankly I'd probably do this instead in an external heightfield editor like World Machine or Wilbur, depending on what level of control was needed, etc. It's certainly possible in TG2, I'm just not sure it's the most effective way to do it. Basically TG2's strengths lie in rendering and procedural functions. When you start to get into heightfield manipulation, although TG2 has some capabilities in this area they really pale in comparison to dedicated heightfield manipulation tools, so unless your modifications depend on "runtime accuracy" (in other words doing this manipulation in an external editor and saving to a finite resolution heightfield would lose accuracy somehow), then I would recommend another tool for the actual adjustments, then bringing the terrain back into TG2 for rendering.

- Oshyan