multiple installs of TG2

Started by shadowphile, January 25, 2010, 07:04:41 pm

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I discovered 2.1 and 2.0 both on my machine.  Can I remove the older one without affecting the newer version? 


I remember some time ago I had two versions of TG2 installed, but one was an old technology preview version, and the other was the currently released TG2 Deep.  I had no problems uninstalling the older one, but they were in different directories.  Actually if your worried, just copy your key file to a safe place, uninstall both versions, and start from a clean install of the latest TG2 release (that's what I would do).  Actually when you do an uninstall it should leave your key file alone anyways.


Exactly; the keyfile is stored in an other folder than your installation folder of TG2.
You shouldn't be worried about losing your keyfile after installing older versions of TG2.
I recently discovered I had about 7 versions. Removed last 6 of them without any problems.


I have about three or so versions of TG2 on my computer including the first release of the technology preview, I keep them around for error report writing purposes to test weather an error in the current version I have (What ever the current release version number happens to be a the time) contains a bug that was not in the previous version, or weather its an issue form a previous version either in the same form or a different version of the the same.

They sit quite happily on my system. ;D

Regards to you.



thanks all.  Keeping other versions installed for bug-tracking purposes makes sense.  Memory-wise 25 MB is a pittance.