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Started by lazlo, January 25, 2010, 11:50:54 am

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First day with Terragen 2 free
I have downloaded a beautiful Dune.tgc file from this site, but have no idea how to make it work.
I have loaded it as a clip, it shows up in the Nodes but cannot figure it how to attach it the right way to show up when I render the terrain
Any help is appreciated


Henry Blewer

A simple way to attach this is to add a surface layer in the shaders tab. Then grab the output from the clip and attach this to the child input of the surface layer.
You may have to add a fractal terrain in the Terrain tab. The scale defaults at 2000. This may have to be reset to 800. If you get one color, try un checking the color in the surface layer. If that does not help, add some power fractals for color . This can be done by selecting the surface layer and adding more child layers. You can also undo the unchecked color of the surface layer.
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