Desert atmospheres & Landscapes

Started by Mindscape, March 12, 2007, 10:57:06 am

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thanks so much - big help to me



thanks for sharing...will enjoy exploring this!


This is the TG file for another image "Catatonia Highlands" at...

A thank's to littlecannon for "Cirrus Jetstreams".


Thanks for the cirrus - that is just gorgeous.  Thanks for the terrain too - I've been looking for a terrain that would give me some overlapping spurs so I could do a misty moonlit night with trees silouetted on the hills.  This mayb just what the Dr ordered!   ;D
I may be crazy but at least I'm not crazy!


This is the TG file for "In the Land of Broken Golf Balls".

If you like you can tell me where I whent wrong with the starfield.