Night Sky Toggle - v3 - 2014

Started by dandelO, December 07, 2014, 12:49:36 AM

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lat 64

This sortof works for me, but I cannot get the stars to be anything different than big triangles.
I have played with all the settings, even the render settings. I think it might be in the distance setting, but I fail miserably. I just made them bigger :o
I know I'm just missing some small detail.

As you can see, stars would be nice in this shot.

I'm a half century plus ten yrs old. Yikes!

lat 64

My eventual success was making enviro light Ambient occlusion.
It just worked then :o

I posted the results at:,19723.msg194257.html#msg194257

I'm a half century plus ten yrs old. Yikes!


I'm having trouble getting this background to work in orbit? Any ideas on fixes?  I remember the old stars worked well in orbit.