Atmosphere Examples.

Started by Njen, December 22, 2006, 07:24:57 am

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This is incredible, thank you so much for this!


Anyway we can help out at adding some examples?


Excellent work! I have intended to do something like this in the past for both TG 0.9 and TG2, but it is fairly time consuming so I haven't yet. Kudos to you for doing so. :)

Might I suggest this go in User-contributed tutorials? If you make it complete enough it might even make a good addition to the documentation.

- Oshyan


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Oshyan, you may move this thread where ever you see fit.

Plus I just updated the page with some more settings of clouds. Might I also add that the jpg's on my site are relatively low quality. Sometimes too low to see noticeable differences between different values. Soon I hopefully will put up higher quality versions.

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Thanks! The "quality settings" render chart is aces too.


Haha I was writing a tutorial on almost the exact same thing.  No worries though, I'll just modify it a little or something.  Thanks for the examples, they are definitely great for learning the different settings for clouds and atmosphere.

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Thank you!  I have your page bookmarked and I know I sure will be looking often when I work on clouds and atmospheres.
Great help to me.

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Thanks a lot for this!  It's going to be really helpful :)

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Thanks a lot, i great help for the beginers with the skies ;-)


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just getting into TG....old but very useful, will save a lot of experimentation time



Very Useful = a great reference tool. Thank you very much ;D