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Started by Kevin F, July 12, 2011, 03:12:01 am

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Kevin F

What is the purpose of the "show warnings" tick box on the errors and warnings screen? Errors and warnings are reported regardless of it being ticked or not, and despite not being chosen in preferences. Seems you get them no matter what.


Hi Kevin,

Unchecking the Show warnings checkbox in the Errors and Warnings window will stop warnings from being shown. Only errors will be shown. Errors have the red stop sign icon, warnings have the yellow triangle with the exclamation mark.

The setting of the "Show warnings" checkbox in the Errors and Warnings window only applies to your current TG2 session. When you restart TG2 the preferences setting ("Show warnings in Errors and Warnings window by default" in the General prefs panel) applies. The default setting is to show warnings. This means that even if you uncheck the E&W window checkbox the next time you start TG2 you will see warnings again.

One thing to note is that if you open the E&W window by clicking on the warnings icon in the notification area at the bottom right of the main window then the "Show warnings" checkbox will be checked and warnings will be shown. This is because I assume that if you're clicking on the warnings icon you're going to want to see warnings in the E&W window. If you click on the errors icon then the "Show warnings" checkbox is unchanged from its previous setting when the window opens.

I haven't encountered a situation where warnings have been shown regardless of your settings and I've done a lot of testing of this. I'm not sure of a way to be able to test specifically what's happening for you, but I'll get in touch if I can think of something. Hopefully the information above clears things up though. I suspect you might have been clicking on the warnings icon to open the E&W window?



Kevin F

Thanks Jo,
That's o.k.then, I wasn't distinguishing between warnings and errors, and wondering why errors (file paths that had been changed) were being shown even though I had the box unchecked.