Animation crashes after frame 1 (with workaround!)

Started by bigben, March 03, 2007, 04:41:45 AM

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Quote from: Oshyan on March 04, 2007, 06:57:52 PM
We've seen some issues with sequence output in the past, but it's never been consistent enough to nail down what causes it. Since then some options have been put in that allow choosing whether populations are recalculated every frame. Given the possible role of populations as noted in your last post, it would be interesting to know what setting you have chosen for this, and whether switching it to the opposite has any effect.

Your investigations are much appreciated and given your familiarity with the scene, you are probably the best person to find out what exactly is happening if you are willing to continue experimenting. If you'd like us to take a look at the scene files you can email them to the standard support @ planetside address.

- Oshyan
NO PUN intended, but why should us users of TG2 should share info. as to how to do this and that with TG2??. There should be a COMPLETE tutorial on TG2. Do we agree on this?? Here we are.. I see people here sharing their findings when the makers and contributors of this program should come up with a COMPLETE tutorial.
This new program has jumped the gun as far as I am concerned... There are a LOT of inefficiencies still and I hope that the people who are responsible for this program are doing something about it to complete this program like it is supposed to be completed.
Rendering a composition that takes over 50 hours to render and only a few seconds to look at it in my book is completely ridiculous.
I like TG2, don't misunderstand me.... I love the potentials of it because of the clouds that can be produced and also the terrains that can be rendered, but I will be happy to see an "OFFICIAL, DETAILED, and FRIENDLY USER tutorial" instead of this confusing and yet "helping hints".
Invest more time on this beautiful program and it's potentials, pretty soon it will be over a year since it came out. I am the kind of person who tells it like it is, and so far I just see it like it is. Let me know just how I am wrong. I also like your opinion on this matter.

Just when I thought I was out.... They pulled me back in.


Hi Mario,

We made the decision to release our current work on Terragen 2 nearly a year ago as a "Technology Preview" knowing that the community was eager to see what the product could be capable of and to start learning its new, powerful functionality and way of working. We have always tried to be clear that the product is in a pre-release state, not yet completed and still needing work, especially in the area of render time optimization and user interface. Over the months since that release we have worked on many areas and made a number of improvements and we are now working on some very significant improvements to the renderer which should improve speed and reduce render errors, as well as introduce several important new features. This is all part of the regular product development cycle that we have always envisioned.

As part of this development process the documentation has necessarily been incomplete. After all if the product is not yet finished, how can you fully document its workings? Many changes have been made in functionality since the original Technology Preview release that would have necessitated changes to any existing documentation. We do intend to provide both a complete Node Reference (explaining all the functionality and settings for every node) as well as a User Guide.

What we are not intending to do is provide "tutorials" on creating every type of feature or scene you might want to create. TG2 is enormously flexible and covering even a fraction of its capabilities as realized in an end product would take more time than we can possibly give. Our approach to enabling our users is to provide complete information on the functioning of the program itself and guidance on the actual process of scene creation in TG2, after which we hope the user will be equipped to experiment, discover and share their own methods for creating particular features and scene types. This is simply an issue of practicality in that we can only cover so much of the very broad topic of natural landscape generation and rendering in our own documentation.

We are currently working on completing the Node Reference and it will be made publicly available as soon as possible. We will then complete and expand the existing "tutorial-style" documentation. We hope that some of the more profficient users will continue to share their techniques with others, possibly documenting them formally in their own tutorials.

As TG2 grows in popularity we should see greater availability of resources, both free and commercial (e.g. terrain or texture packs for sale), and hopefully one day we'll even see books on working with TG2 just as there are for many other applications. That level of specific user-oriented writing is quite simply outside of realistic time and resource commitments for most companies, Planetside included.

I hope that the forthcoming documentation will provide you the information you need to really enjoy TG2.

- Oshyan


Thank you for your full explanation on TG2.
I will purchase the product after it has been completed, no sense on getting unnecessary headaches in the meantime. I believe that we should enjoy and have fun with Terragen ( I am having fun with the old version) and waiting 50 hrs. plus for a render or crashing while creating takes all the fun out of it.
Thanks again for your reply and I hope that you didn't think that I was too hard on you.
I only render very simple renders with TG2 demo. version and I have fun with it this way.
Just when I thought I was out.... They pulled me back in.


Your message was perfectly appropriate and not taken harshly. We appreciate honest feedback and constructive criticism. In general we're aware of the important issues with TG2 and are working to correct them, within the limits of time, development resources and finances that a small company like ours has. I hope you will enjoy the improvements in coming updates. :)

- Oshyan



Can I just chime in and say that TG2 is a ground up rewrite of Terragen, and as such is the foundation upon which all subsequent versions will be built and as such needs to be done in a considered manor.

Terragen has always had a strong community, long before these forums opened a community that has always wanted to provide help and advice to its fellow members and shall continue to do so, the days of when the onus to provide every thing strictly by the software vendor alone are pretty much over and may one day go the way of dodo's, dinosaurs and...roto-scoping. With the advent of the Internet and the advantage's it brings for interaction and communication there has been a para dine shift in the way that software could and is been developed, that is to say that the end users get to have more say in what goes into the product an example of this model would be the modeling program Silo 3D made by NeverCenter and here as well.

There are software publishers that do not have this model and provide no means for community feedback on their products but that is at the end of the day the way that their business model is.

In conclusion then TG2 and those iterations that come after it are like the road less traveled, that is to say it is about (Or should be) the journey its self, not the destination, why struggle on alone when a friend or several can lead a hand?

In the end TG2 like any software will ever stand or fall by its users who will help keep things moving forward into the uncertain future, for the here and now we stand in the present to understand where we are we need to understand the past, what was right and what was not and only by doing so may way know what direction the future may bring, what ever that future is..its some thing to look forward to.

Regards to you.