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Started by TheBadger, May 23, 2010, 11:44:26 AM

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Hello everyone. Im a noob, so please be kind.

My question is to everyones workflow.

After an image or an animation is created in terragen2 how are you all moving the file around?

How would one deal with the 3d program Blender? would you bring your blender file to terragen or vice versa? I am most in need of information on a... blender ---> after effects ---> Premiere/finalcut workflow

I was also wondering about still images for HDR. example: can I make 3 or 4 exposures of the same view and bring them out as tiffs to try in photomatix?

I am new to blender and terragen (3D in general), and will welcome all useful info and links.
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Hi Badger. I can't answer your earlier questions, as I'm not sure what you're getting at, but I can tell you that TG2 saves to OpenEXR, so you have HDR output baked in.



To use items created in Blender you will need to export in a mesh format thet Terragen can import.

Generally the best export path from Blender is .obj (You will find this on the File drop down menu. Choose file-export-wavefront(.obj)

In Terragen use Add Object .obj reader from the Objects tab.

This is a very simple instruction so that you know where to look for the features. For further detail and workrounds search the forum and you will find plenty of info on shading of imported objects, normal alignment...and a whole heap of other stuff..

Persevere with both programs, I know from personal experience that Blender UI is a little idiosyncratic, but the application is extremely capable.

You may want to explore the possibilities of rendering in separate applications and then compositing them as part of the back end of your workflow.

Hope this helps a bit...



Henry Blewer

Here's a link to a tutorial I did some time ago. It covers importing Blender Objects in the WaveFront obj format. It does not cover UV mapping. If you have UV maps use a program called PoseRay.
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Thanks for answering guys. Ill take the info and try that tutorial too.
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One last question to help me get started.

My hope is to understand in full the work flow before I start a complicated project. I just need to know how an animation  produced in Terragen2 may be directly taken into Adobe After Effects.

I know that if I can get the file in, I can output in a way I already know.

I will be buying the animation version this week, as soon as I hear back about the student pricing. But as it is now I can only see .tiff, or "all files" as a save option. .tiff I know the other is new to me.

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I don't use After effects...but.. just guessing.. you should be able to import an image sequence which, coincidentally, is exactly what is output from TG2.

If you need access to the alpha channel these are exported at the same time and by default stored in the  "temp" directory if I remember correctly.