Garden of Eternity

Started by Dune, May 26, 2010, 03:01:26 am

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@zaai999: They're image maps, I'm afraid. But it could be done procedurally, no doubt.

@Henry: Yeah, the cloud layer is localized near the water, also to give the view from above the 'labyrinth' a softer background. You then fly over the mist veiled lakes, then down near the final stone monuments.   


I cannot choose which one to use for the storyboard...  ??? Any suggestions? This is near the final monument in the animation, where the viewer flies into the light, and that's the end.

Henry Blewer

The top render shows the objects off better. But the bottom render has better mystery. I would use the bottom render.
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Wow! Definitely the top one, Ulco, that's the money-shot!
The raytraced atmosphere is lovely and best visible in the first shot. Very good work.


Let's say that you need both for camera moves ;D



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QuoteLet's say that you need both

@Seth: This spiral of stones by itself would yield an interesting animation if properly done, I suppose. Working with the light and darks in the mist, and adding some more mystery by passing cloud shadow (to name something), it can result in an artistic little 'movie'. But the storyboard must have some totally different areas to cover the whole Garden. I also thought the Labyrinth would be great to animate, lots of shots to be made there, even entering and going up a flight of stairs, etc...

I'm still looking for a decent shot between the entrance and the Labyrinth, but it's mainly dark wood with boulders and little paths, so I might even skip that for the storyboard's sake.

And I am still haggling with the client, as he wants things to be feasible in reality as well. To really build it physically. If the waterways (e.g.) are too narrow they'll grow full of weeds, and they don't want maintenance once the Garden is there.


It would be good to use both, but the bottom one is my fave. Excellent work! Where, if I may ask, is this Garden going to be? Somewhere in Holland?


It will be in Holland, but it's still initial stages. They need sponsors, then purchase terrain and build it. So don't hold your breath...


Done. No time anymore, so here's a teaser. The story board is on its way to Frank.



I decided to keep the dark forest out, and replace it by a low shot when you fly across the lakes towards the final 'Threanta' with it's monument. Added  a pair of swans.


I didn't read the rules , but if you can , would you please post these as separate images and bigger too , Dune ?  :)


Wow, the swans are gorgeous. Looking great!

- Oshyan


@ Kadri: I rendered these images especially for the contest at the precise size needed. I did do a number of other big renders for the client, but I cannot show these at top resolution. They differ anyway, in number of populations and amount of detail, as they were not to be animated. For the animation renders I eliminated all 'memory consuming' stuff, and had to use the same lighting all over, and restrictions like that. But here's a reduced crop of a larger render of the Labyrinth, which I like very much.


OK! I understand you , Dune  and thanks :)