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Title: Grainy lights
Post by: N-drju on March 25, 2015, 04:24:37 AM
Hello Everyone,

I have a small problem with light sources. I am working on a night scene and I would like to have a few light sources here and there. Unfortunately when I put them in place, the area around the source gets awfully grainy (like it was snowing or something.) The lights are about three meters above the ground's surface.

When I increased atmo samples and turned off "Glow in atmosphere" setting it got better but it still looks grainy.

I remember that I managed to solve this in the past, but please, be so kind and remind me how it's done. :(
Title: Re: Grainy lights
Post by: Oshyan on March 28, 2015, 05:00:59 PM
Generally speaking disabling the glow and/or increasing Atmosphere Samples are the best approaches. If your scene works well with Defer Atmosphere, that will also help a good deal, but may raise render times. Alternatively you could consider this trick of switching a cloud layer for your atmosphere (especially for a night scene, where atmosphere is less important):,16690.msg163066.html#msg163066

- Oshyan