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Title: Fighting fear of heights with Terragen
Post by: DocCharly65 on April 23, 2018, 02:45:35 am
As promised on the animation board I'll show you a little of my experiences with rendering panoramas last year.
Meanwhile I completely got back to my film project and didn't work for a while on panoramas. So excuse a pair of minor flaws and just enjoy the examples from last year :)

I always will put links here with one "single" version suitable for panorama software on PC or Playstation VR or others.
The other link of the same picture will be steroscopic and will only worl with the picture viewer of the Oculus rift.
I strongly recommend the Oculus in stereoscopic VR - but careful! It could blow you over and grill your brain! :)

Over the Forest under Rosies Platform
Monoscopic standard panorama:!AvEpmvBUHi6qgqAQbuClL_TsnPqgBg (!AvEpmvBUHi6qgqAQbuClL_TsnPqgBg)

Stereoscopic only for Oculus:!AvEpmvBUHi6qgp982qK6ovLRtFg01A (!AvEpmvBUHi6qgp982qK6ovLRtFg01A)

Over the Forest with Rosy
Monoscopic standard panorama:!AvEpmvBUHi6qgqAP-3vjHA2gONx9pw (!AvEpmvBUHi6qgqAP-3vjHA2gONx9pw)

Stereoscopic only for Oculus:!AvEpmvBUHi6qgqADLNGX1XAzvBefAA (!AvEpmvBUHi6qgqADLNGX1XAzvBefAA)

Just a funny short story to these pics, which will mainly be understood best by people with an oculus:

A day I cam home from office and was unbelievable tired. But I wanted to check the latest version of my stereoscopic VR-Renders. So I sat there in my office chair and tried not to get space sick from the view over the forest.

I must have been extremely tired - I must have fallen asleep within seconds with the VR headset still on my head including the surround earphones ... and now just think about: How would you feel when you wake up and you re floating about 30-60 meters above a forest ground.  ::) ;) ;D

...more VR pics same topic - another day ... :)
Title: Re: Fighting fear of heights with Terragen
Post by: Dune on April 23, 2018, 05:29:21 am
Title: Re: Fighting fear of heights with Terragen
Post by: DocCharly65 on April 26, 2018, 01:58:18 am
When I got used to the height of Rosie's platform, I wanted more of course! Bigger, higher, more scary...
And I remembered my old Easter Island WIP I never really finished or used for the film. It was time to dig it out again :)

Imagine the platform built in the 24 century with one end near the Easter Islands and the other direct on the moon... Forget all realism.

Easter Island night on the platform
Monoscopic standard panorama:!AvEpmvBUHi6qgqAMdh6XtffMXj36pA (!AvEpmvBUHi6qgqAMdh6XtffMXj36pA)

Stereoscopic only for Oculus:!AvEpmvBUHi6qgp970KFDZPgJfSgo5w (!AvEpmvBUHi6qgp970KFDZPgJfSgo5w)

Not exciting enough? --- Then stay over night and wait for the morning when the platform is raised to 3000m for the rest of the day ;)

Easter Island afternoon on the platform
Monoscopic standard panorama:!AvEpmvBUHi6qgqANIWN_Zg2LYxfxNg (!AvEpmvBUHi6qgqANIWN_Zg2LYxfxNg)

Stereoscopic only for Oculus:!AvEpmvBUHi6qgp96WZMp8_vIdi8Crg (!AvEpmvBUHi6qgp96WZMp8_vIdi8Crg)

Some object credits:
The ORIGINAL Balcony Flower Box from my first Terragen :)
CargoShip by lavawave2 on TF3DM
Business Woman walking 3D model by 3dcap
Hot air balloon VR by dafunk on cgtrader
Ship 2 N060516 - by LavaWave  on archive3d
U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 (Abrams) by Ricky MadMan1701A Wallace
Ship Queen Mary 2 by Choi on archive 3d
And some more I don't remember at the moment.
Title: Re: Fighting fear of heights with Terragen
Post by: luvsmuzik on April 30, 2018, 03:30:31 pm
Think of the moola you could make with a zip line  ;D