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Title: tgd2 render errors with deep version HELP!
Post by: DeathTwister on October 16, 2007, 11:10:52 AM
Hay all  :o,

  Humm, OK I just got the deep version and opened a file I am working on to test this puppy out and added one Free Xfrog Fir tree grouping to the scene and set it up just fine as I switched over to full version this morning.  But when I tried to render it it gave me errors, so I went in and pointed all the textures to spot they were at just to make sure they knew and hit the render button again for a low end render and I still get errors all over the place.  Here is the screen shot of my errors and if there is a log some where I can send PS then that would be cool as well, unless someone has a quick fix for me?  what the frack am I doing wrong? It is the same file other then the added Fir Tree grouping that was doing fine before, that was the same in the Free preview. so I am perplexed big time.
See all kinds of errors and at first I just thought it a point to right texture issue but it don't seem to be that after all, or did I miss something?  Thanks in advance for the help.

Title: Re: tgd2 render errors with deep version HELP!
Post by: cyphyr on October 16, 2007, 01:22:13 PM
Well other than the ReadImage:Unable to load image: (which you sorted anyway), all you errors are about memory (I think). Since you just got deep I guess you upped the size of the render and added some more AA. This all takes more ram (a bigger swap file might help but I doubt it). Closing down other programs, particularly photoshop, will help somewhat. How much ram do you have on your system. Its real cheap at the moment, consider investing in a couple of sticks, an extra 2 gig will help immensely.
Try rendering your scene EXACTLY as you had it before you upgraded, nothing added, no change in size or AA. If you still have problems then its a bigger issue, but you should not. Then progressively add size, AA and your population.
Hope this helps
Title: Re: tgd2 render errors with deep version HELP!
Post by: Oshyan on October 16, 2007, 01:28:03 PM
I think cyphyr is on the right track here. Make sure that *nothing* has changed from the old scene and try again. If you still get errors then it may be something in the latest update, although we haven't seen any other such problems so that would be a bit surprising.

Report back with your findings and hopefully we can come to a solution.

- Oshyan
Title: Re: tgd2 render errors with deep version HELP!
Post by: DeathTwister on October 17, 2007, 10:37:08 AM
Hay all,

  Sorry for not getting back sooner, but dial up phone lines been down allot last few days dew to storms up here in the great northwest of Calif. Power been off a few times as well.  OK, here is what I found.  I gues my scene was very close to overloading my system anyway as I have just before I went to the deep version made the 3 tgo tree grouping 10 feet closer to each other and coupled with a few models I have in the scene that are all over 250 megs a .obj, I guess your right it wouldn't fly hahahaha, so I did what you sugested and even went farther back then needed maybe, then rebuilt it again, up to where I am not sure I can get the final piece in that I want and may have to punt the next step.  I would show it, but it is going to the Monthly tgd2 Challenge on renderosity and dunna want no one to know what one that is /winks.......

Next Month High Speed in my Valley WOOO HOO ...................................I be fast again after 6 years WOW.

I been having fun with tgd2 /smiles.......Thanks for the tips and suggestions all. Oh also good to know about those errors, as I never seen em before and was not quit sure that was what it meant.  Also I noticed that I get the texture error when I added to many trees for the computer to handle, and was not a point to the right file issue and you may want to look at that one, but all in all totally me, my bad /smiles.....when I took the trees back some that texture error went away as well, hummmm. I have bigger render now, but afraid to hit the higher anti-aliasing button, maybe a different project hahaha lolol.


Title: Re: tgd2 render errors with deep version HELP!
Post by: cyphyr on October 17, 2007, 01:55:30 PM
Just a thought ...You probably know this but anyway.. You could make up pretty complex scenes by making them up in sections and putting the results together in post. Small group of objects near to camera at high detail, and larger groups further away at lower detail settings.