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Title: OBJ import findings and questions
Post by: bobbystahr on December 31, 2006, 12:11:47 PM
Hiya All,
Re: importing, I currently use a very useful and inexpensive[$20.00] app called 'Accutrans' by[another groundbreaking Canadian 3D company...LOL] for most of my conversions but when I import an .obj which I have converted from an Imagine3D .iob to an .obj the axis control widget is literally miles from the object and it's awesomely hard to position the model, in fact even find it and drop or raise[as the case indicates]it to the ground level.
Will post this to the TG2 forum at planetside as well but got this thread in the mail and wanted to try the TGO trick, which works fine by the way on one .obj[a 66 mustang I got free online somewhere by the by] I was able to get into camera view, but as I didn't build it I have no idea where each shader channel goes and in fact plugging textures into all of them yielded no change after the first of the 16 channels.