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Title: Poety: To Be A Poet
Post by: Cyber-Angel on November 14, 2007, 10:37:51 pm
Far and away, a dream state of perpetual bliss, rapture the embodiment of happiness
So with beauties disarming charm to offer your worth for all mankind;
To love the world more then you love your self is the poets gift and curse sublime.

To care for all to live for all, to love for all and die for all to be in a state of mind where
Few shall go, and then write it for all time.
To give and shear what is within the soul tortured by the worldly cares of men to
Be always in the moment lest it never come again.

To be a poet is to understand, to give testament to the times which we lived through to
Warn the generations yet unborn of our mistakes and ills lest-
They be repeated,
To be a poet is to stand in that great line of poets down the years of countless ages past
And see to it their legacy into the dark of night of oblivion dose not pass.

To all man kind rear your sons to know and respect their lot, and that all good things come
To those that wait and there is more profit in peace then hate.


Just a quick poem that came up to day, hope you like it.

Regards to you.

Title: Re: Poety: To Be A Poet
Post by: dhavalmistry on November 14, 2007, 11:11:31 pm
very nicce poem...I actually love poems....I dont write them but I get my girlfriend to write for me :D....and she is very good at it dont mind me posting one do you??....

she wrote this one for me last year on our 6 month anniversary of being together...

I could give you a heart,
Molded out of clay
To express everything
I want to say.

I could give you a heart,
Cut from pretty paper
To write eternally yours,
My love will never taper.

I could give you a heart,
Hand blown from glass
To remind you of its purity,
Every time you walk pass.

I could give you a heart,
Melted and shaped in gold
To solidify the brilliance
Of what our future holds.

I could give you a heart,
Formed from sugar sweets
To give you a rush
That life is complete.

I could give a heart,
Made of many things.
Instead, I'll give you mine,
With love for you as its filling.

I hope she doesnt get mad for me posting this here ;)
Title: Re: Poety: To Be A Poet
Post by: Cyber-Angel on November 15, 2007, 09:37:34 am
To really understand the craft you must be a part of it and not just an observer, use your love of poetry then look deep within you self and find your muse and let the music of the mind wash over you and write. As I pointed out in my poem all poets have a responsibility to what has gone before, poetry has rules such as line length, couplets and so on these things must be learned as they inform you as you write, these things must be learned so that you don't have to think about them but rather they are automatic when you come to use them.

If you chose to become a poet and become worthy of the name you will need to open your self up to a deeper level of feeling then most will experience in a life time, a word of warning however you may find that things that interested you before become meaningless and that some thing as simple as watching the evening news with all its depictions of mans inhumanity to man becomes distressing.

As you develop as a poet you will train your self to see beauty in every thing even that which seams not to be, you will begin to listen to the world around you in a new way that you did not before, take instrumental music (Classical, say) learn to listen to the music in such a fashion that the music its self seams to suggest words, maybe even entire poems to you get into the habit (This will take time) of writing and listening at the same moment, this will take time as you need to learn to quit you mind first so that it is free of the noise that often clutters it.

Another thing to try is to take several different pieces of music and for each one write a one line sentence on what your first impression of the music, don't think or try to analyze it even if seams random and strange just write it down, do this for each peace music you select; once you are finished take a look what you've written and just let the poet within you take over as in my poem dated 23rd November 1998 titled: In Tranquility's Eye.

A walk by the sea by moons full light to shine on earth its light,
Like strangers meeting for the first time at midnight.
The coming of a new day, as to shine in the face of adversity like
-White horses in the surf at dawn.
Compare not the sea and the ethereal light, like a race run by fools
-In a thunderstorm.

Stand still and listen, as ten thousand violins softly play like soft-
-Shadows that induce tranquility by candle light.
The coming of a new age my love, like a ship lost at sea, I shall be
-The light that guides you to my love.
I understand you life's pain, in it shards of broken glass fall like
Your loneliness is like a walk in the desert, and in the end my love,
Life is like a wineglass floating in a black void.

Regards to you.



Title: Re: Poety: To Be A Poet
Post by: rcallicotte on November 15, 2007, 09:38:18 am
You guys sure are mushy and shtuff.   ;D

I can't think of anything to write or I would.    ::)