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Title: Terragen 4.5.60 fixes 2GB File Limit
Post by: WAS on July 27, 2021, 07:48:19 PM
Just a shout-out to everyone that has been frustrated with this. Matt has fixed it! Get cracking on those Mars renders, and other amazing stuff!

Thank you, @Matt , and the rest of Planetside staff.


Terragen now renames naming conflicts while gathering a project. Sweet.

Quote from: Terragen 4.5.60 (Release) ChangelogBuild 4.5.60 (Release)

Improvements to Gather Project feature:
- On Windows, fixed an error that occurred when gathering a project with multiple references to the same file with different upper/lower case spellings.
- On all platforms, Gather Project detects files that would clash on a Windows target machine due to case-insensitive filenames, and renames the destination files to resolve the conflict.
- If Gather Project fails to copy assets to the destination folder, the error message includes the name of the first failing asset and a little bit more information on why it failed.

Fixed a bug which could cause crashes when preview images are generated for the Library.

Windows only: Fixed a recent bug that prevented loading of files larger than 2 GiB.

Windows only: Fixed the installer error "Setup has detected that the file 'vcredist_x64.exe' changed since it was initially published."