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Image Sharing / Re: Cloud tests
Last post by Oshyan - Today at 03:03:50 pm
It's not actually crashing from the sound of it, so no Windows error is likely being reported.

- Oshyan
Terragen Support / Re: New Default AA
Last post by WAS - Today at 02:50:38 pm
Quote from: Matt on Today at 03:15:54 amThanks WAS. Yeah, robust adaptive sampling is usually faster than the legacy sampler and this allows the default AA to be higher. Defer All Shading is also enabled by default, and it slightly reduces the quality of the default scene but it's generally the right choice for most scenes that have interesting things going on.

Which, even Defer All seems faster, but that may be because of the combination of Robust, which it's more built for (?). In the past I noticed it was a little slower, but I don't seem to "care" for the difference now and fine with how you have default settings set.
File Sharing / Re: Materials
Last post by WAS - Today at 02:46:51 pm
Quote from: Hannes on Today at 05:43:58 amHere is a subsurface scattering skin shader for the latest release (4.4.40), that should work on every real world scaled head.
There are two image map shaders included: one for the skin texture (if you want to use your own texture, set the density colour of the glass shader to white and connect the image map shader to the volume colour function). If not, you can delete the image map shader.
The other one is for a displacement (or bump-) map. It should go into the surface layer's displacement slot, since the glass shader has no displacement function. The surface layer has "Apply colour" unchecked and is only the carrier for the displacement. I think it's more versatile than just adding a displacement shader after the glass shader.
Of course you need to use the path tracer!!

Oh thanks, only after I recreated a shader based on your image in the other thread. :P Going to compare (already different setup)
Image Sharing / Re: And now for something comp...
Last post by bobbystahr - Today at 02:07:49 pm
Quote from: DocCharly65 on Today at 01:29:59 amNice! I like that smoky ambience.

Ähem... is there a palm leaf looking cheeky out of his pants?  :o ;D
heh heh, missed that, must have thought it was from the sun
Image Sharing / Re: Clouds V3 Millions of Voxe...
Last post by zaxxon - Today at 01:55:28 pm
Nice scene to experiment with. I've done a few similar tests with the voxel count with similar results. Personally, I've settled at somewhere between 150 to 500 million voxels depending upon the scene. While lower voxel counts essentially display the same imagery, to me the extra voxels add a crisper definition and allow some more detail in the darker areas. The results justify the extra render time to my eye, but some might disagree...  I'm running dual Zeon 5690's @ 3.47 ghz with 96 gigs of RAM and have 'pushed' the voxel count to 1,000 million (1000MoVs), but really couldn't see the additional improvement, and the RAM seemed adequate to the task. The V3 clouds with decent voxel counts is one of the main attractions to continue to use TG, simply the best clouds in the CG world in my opinion!
Open Discussion / The future of RAM and Storage
Last post by WAS - Today at 01:28:51 pm

This seems fascinating, and interestingly is they seem to be using SSD technology, which seems to indicate the voodoo about read/write happening too often is "bad" for SSDs.

This is all especially ironic considering people saying Optane wouldn't ever replace RAM, such as Linus:

On the server side, these sorts of benefits are a no-brainer.
Terragen Discussion / Re: Subsurface scattering dens...
Last post by Hannes - Today at 12:15:21 pm
Too bad! No other way?
Terragen Discussion / Re: Subsurface scattering dens...
Last post by Dune - Today at 11:39:16 am
Can't. Offline with my 4.4...
File Sharing / Re: Materials
Last post by Hannes - Today at 11:02:44 am
The image looked OK on my screen at home, but on my phone it looks a little red, so adjust the density colour if needed, if you don't use a texture.
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