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Title: possible bugs in TG2
Post by: jean-claude on December 21, 2006, 08:22:50 AM
As an alpha-tester I think the first thing to test is if the program can correctly do some elementary tasks.

So I've made a terrain 40974097 with GeoControl, I've named it "020Geo_06-12-20_21h12.ter" (later on I simplified the name as "GC247_aabc.ter", but it's the same terrain file)
I've uploaded this terrain in Terragen 2 v1.8.56.2
I've choosen very elementary settings ("GC247_aabc_012.tgd") for a Full Render 2048 1536 pixels.
I've named this render "GC247_aabc_012_3h32m19s_9442444_micro-triangles.bmp", because the render Time was 3:32:19 for 9,442,444 micro-triangles.

When I scrupulously examine the obtained image in my Photoshop (fig. 00 only shows a 35% reduced view of the render), there are numerous defects, probably coming from some bugs in the program:

1. numerous whitish spots in shadowed areas, some of them visible even without zooming (some examples on fig. 01)

2. other strange things (fig. 02 is a 50% view in Photoshop) :
of which the most strange is perhaps the arch seen on a 400% view (fig. 03, #3)
fig. 04 is a 200% view of a strange overhang near a flat horizontal zone (#2)
fig. 05 is a 500% view of an antialiasing problem (#1)
fig. 06 is a 400% view of 2 strange nearly square light zones, principally the lower one (#4)
fig. 07 is a 300% view of strange chinese or hieroglyphic character in a shadow zone (#5)

I've send to Matt in a private email
the address for downloading the terrain (*.ter), the *.tgd and the *.bmp files
Title: Re: possible bugs in TG2
Post by: Oshyan on December 21, 2006, 08:25:59 AM
Thank you for the bug report. However please do make sure to run all tests on the latest versions available which as of this writing is Also note that non-public alpha test versions should be discussed in the appropriate forum, not here.

- Oshyan
Title: Re: possible bugs in TG2
Post by: boristen on December 21, 2006, 08:53:28 AM
One of my first renders in TG2 showed similar (suppose rectangular) defects.
Title: Command line rendering in Deep version is not working
Post by: hansiMUC on December 21, 2006, 12:15:15 PM
How shall we report bugs or let's call them unsolved problems... ?
Here in a consecutive list of issues we find, one thread per bug or is there a specific approach ?

First, we tried in Deep version the command line in tgd and tgdcli and somehow didn't succeed in getting the program rendering without opening the gui.
we used the following commandline:

tgdcli.exe y:\projects\wdw\..some long path..\srtm\version2\SRTM3\Eiger_Munich\terragen\alpen_02.tgd -r -exit -hide -f 15 -o c:\temp\bild.%04d.bmp

We also set the environment variable TERRAGEN_PATH, tried it from the program folder but somehow didn't succeed...
Any help/hints ?

Title: Re: possible bugs in TG2
Post by: Oshyan on December 21, 2006, 06:04:38 PM
Please report bugs with a new post for each bug, being sure to search the forums first to verify that it hasn't been already reported.


- Oshyan