winter icy lake

Started by Kevin F, March 14, 2013, 07:42:11 AM

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Kevin F

Here's the tdg file from:,15792.0.html
as promised. Just stripped down to give original file without clouds and trees.
If anyone can be bothered to try and modify the cracked ice and manages to, then please post your result and tell me how!


Thanks man! I will let you know if I use this setup or modify it :)


Cheers Kevin I shall study this carefully.


Thanks for the file to experiment with.
Here is a version - I make no claim about it except it makes me think of a Snowman's swimming pool.

I added a merge shader - merging the sharply defined cracks with more fuzzy ones (via a separate color adjust) using a PF as the
merge control. Pointed that at a surface layer with a PF as a blender so the cracks are scattered.

Modified the blue ice blending PF noise stretch. Now it is stretched  x 1.95 y 0.9943 z 1.95. The y value seems to
impact the amount of blue ice dramatically. Even a thousandth change becomes very noticeable.

Fill lights set white.

Terrain - used your Fractal Terrain with .3 set as the finest detail instead of 10.
            - also just for fun copied the original Fractal Terrain (fine detail 10)  and fed it to the Height Field and eroded it. This eroded HF Produces
               the big mountain in the background.


Very nice result. I like the subtle cracks and the seemingly half open patches of water, as if it's half frozen.