Ashkelon Terrain

Started by Markal, August 18, 2013, 01:44:10 AM

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For all the newer TG users....this old square 2049 World Machine Terrain was made a few years ago and I have used and abused it many times. Some of the old timers may still have this terrain somewhere on their hard drives but, I thought I'd offer it again for the newer users of TG.


Wow, you got all that out of that terrain. Really nice! Thanks for sharing, might be interesting to (ab)use some day.


Hi, came here from the new link in image sharing as of the date of this post.

Please talk about how you made the image in the lower left of the image above (group) look like carved structures. I have a lot of interest in this topic. Thanks.
It has been eaten.


Hey Badger,
That image was made in TG .9 with image maps. Actually two main image maps...the flats or roofs was a tile image of cement around 800 x 600. The vertical columns was an image map of a mechanical vent even smaller in size...the vent image had a cool sideways sun and shadow angle that worked well when you matched the number of tiles and the image map direction in TG .9.  I think TG .9 had a better way and more control for overlaying image maps for surface textures...TG 2 almost demanded that you make the surfaces yourself. I'm not good at making natural looking layers but, in TG .9 I could overlay natural or real image maps as surface layers and textures. The image above it used the same two image maps...just different atmo and camera angle....


TG2 is actually much, much more powerful with how you can lay out textures (image maps). You just may not know how to apply your TG 0.9 knowledge to TG2. If you can mention a specific technique or feature in TG 0.9 that you would want to duplicate in TG2 I'm sure we could explain how to accomplish it.

- Oshyan