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Started by j meyer, March 16, 2014, 12:39:33 PM

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j meyer

Here are some example files for two types of procedural pavement.
The first one is the paved road as it appears in the other thread,17933.0.html


I have learned the way to get the offset from a file gomS (i think) posted
some years ago.(which is beyond my math horizon btw)

The second is an easier version with no offset


Both should be warpable as long as you keep it moderate.Otherwise the
distortion of the pattern would become too extreme to be believeable.
And the roads edges would loose their parallelism too much.
To avoid that you could use a procedural road mask as shown by hetzen
in his parallel warp example to be found somewhere else on this forum.
I don't remember where though,sorry.


General remarks
You will notice that I have used a transform shader to scale the pattern.
This could be done with the constant scalars,but I found it more convenient
for my purposes when I started to build the node network and just left it in
Now the segments are squarish,but you can easily make them rectangular.
Play with the values.
I find it helpful to right click on a node and then choose Open Preview in
New Window to see and hopefuly understand what it does.
So,for example, right click the displacement shader,open the preview,zoom
in if required,and then change a value of any of the blue nodes residing
before the displ shader and you'll see how the pattern is affected.

The rather crude surfacing of the surrounding was just to have a bit more
going on than the default gray and I left it in there to give a simple example
of how the pavement pattern can be integrated.And it's just one of many
ways to hook things together.

Have fun with it!


Ohh...this is very nice from u :D
Thx a lot for sharing these files.
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It has been eaten.


Yes thanks for sharing.  I'll enjoy looking at this setup.
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That's some nice road show! :)
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Great, thank you! When I first saw your image I thought this was an image map.


Very interesting. Thanks for sharing ...  :D

j meyer

My pleasure,glad you like it! :)


Brilliant...I should definitely learn from stuff from these tgd's...many thanks............
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Thank you Jochem, this is special. My mind's eye sees some good creations ahead.


Thanks - interesting and useful.