Catalyst™ 7.8 Display Driver

Started by reck, August 25, 2007, 02:09:42 pm

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I've just purchased Bioshock and I've read that you really need the latest gfx drivers in order to play the game with no problems. So I've just installed the ATI Catalyst 7.8 drivers and everything seemed to be fine. Then I opened up Terragen and found that most of the screen was just grey. The preview windows doesn't show and neither do the nodes. I then opened Blender and it has the same problem. Do both programs use OpenGL? I'm guessing this is the problem because all my other software works ok and so do games that use DirectX.

So is anyone else using these drivers and have you had similar problems, can anyone suggest a fix? I have a X1600 if that makes any difference.


This person seems to be having the same problem: Unfortunately we're not yet aware of a solution, but as you can see it appears to be an OpenGL issue in the latest drivers (TG2 does use OpenGL for many of its drawing functions). It's interesting to hear that it also affects Blender as previously it seemed to be TG2-only. Perhaps with a wider scope of effect ATI may be more willing to look into a fix. You should definitely report it to them. In the meantime we'll see if we can do anything from our end to address it.

- Oshyan



It looks like the OpenGL stuff just isn't getting drawn to the screen, for some reason. The grey is the window background colour, if you changed your theme I'm guessing it would change to match. My prediction, based on what Oshyan says - Not Our Fault :-).