Class M Planet

Started by pclavett, December 01, 2016, 09:59:20 PM

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Hi All
Toying around with space and planets.
Here is a ClassM planet (Star Trek designation) and the TGD file is included and this may help newcomers to projecting images to the background as well as how to set up planets.
The images are large and could not be transferred with the post....please see Dropbox link at the bottom.
The planet map is included as I did it myself and can share it.
The clouds in the picture could not be included as they are from NWDA, the Global Procedural Clouds...and they are superb ! (
The image for the background is from the ESO site and are freely available for download, I am including the link as I am not sure that I can distribute it freely !
When You open the file, the error messages for the image can be corrected by signing your own image....whichever one you chose......some gorgeous pictures at that ESO site...feel free to explore.
Hope you enjoy and take care !


Wow nice! Thx for sharing it! ;)
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Very nice, thanks for sharing. :)

- Oshyan


Is there a way that this planet can get uploaded again?


I think, since the original poster made this file freely available it is ok to upload the tgd here ~?~
The pictures he included I can`t find right now, but they were too large to upload here anyway.
Hope that helps.
Cheers, Klaus
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