List of tutorials from Geekatplay (Vladimir Chopine)

Started by geekatplay, April 02, 2019, 03:25:24 PM

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I saw one post where the artist was looking for tutorials but had a hard time find, so here is the list to the Terragen tutorials, I created, organized in playlists. Note: Discovering - beginner series, Exploring - intermediate and advanced level.
Tutorials free to watch but, if you want to support, join on patreon ( or purchase at geekatplay(
New series, just started:
Terragen tips, just started:
Exploring Terragen 4, more releasing weekly, you can get all at geekatplay website:
Exploring Terragen 3, series 3, all free to watch :
Exploring Terragen, series one. All free to watch:
Discovering Terragen 3, all free to watch:
Exploring Terragen, series two, all free to watch: