Water Boundary Masking Study

Started by WAS, January 17, 2021, 12:18:47 AM

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Here is a study file for masking shores wet zones by the water displacement. This uses noise based displacement, mainly because it may be animated in some instances but also was having trouble with some of the additional noise in the water scalar. However, that may be remedied by this important factor. The noise for the water needs to be stretched on Y by a LOT. This wouldn't be needed probably if the PF was 2D, but anyways yeah I have the Y set on warping the water disp, and the water disp noise set very high.

The only real issue left is, the planet space, and plane space don't "truly" align perfectly. So while it may look perfect close to the camera (bottom of example) further away, it overlaps a tiny bit. I'm not sure if anything can fix this. There must be some variance in camera rays, or texture spaces, or something. Sorry for large example image, I wanted it to be clear what's happening at the shore line and a JPEG compression (even at nearly 12 in PS) blurred it, and was pretty much same size as this PNG at that point.