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Started by WAS, July 19, 2021, 01:24:57 PM

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Here is the little eclipse study I did. I was using extreme ambient and surface lighting but the discrepancies between renders and cache calculating requires a cache file, which if it were to be animated would probably look very weird. So a plane is being used providing fake lighting.

Additonally, and interestingly, the atmosphere colours of the moon porviding flare, will paint the atmosphere of the planet very strongly if you use more intense GI lighting. Dunno what that is.

Oh yeah, and ambient light being at 0, or for clouds 1 with colour 0 is important to keep the dark side of the "moon" from glowing.


Great render, and thanks for sharing.


Why do I render it black? Nothing.


Hmm. Apparently I just blew out settings in my original project and TG was just broken. None of the projects incremental saves, or the very last backup file from a overwrite work. None of them. Just a faintly visible orb where the moon is.

Well that's really unfortunate. I'm sorry guys. I'll try to tinker with it again. Maybe the idea is there, just something off. Perhaps TG rounded some extreme numbers I had, not even sure really.

I even checked on previous TG version I made it in and nothing.


Oh, I figured it out. TG is loading the power fractal unplugged from the transform shader into the multiply, so it's multiplying 0 (nothing).


Thanks a lot! Well, I learned a lot.

Ariel DK

Wow i missed this one, thx! Time for the human sacrifices...
Hmmm, what version of Terragen does God use?