Clouds Evolution sideways

Started by Nezbitten, July 19, 2021, 06:14:50 PM

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I ran an animation looking directly up at the sky and moved some clouds across the sky with "evolution" set quite fast. Not much happened to the shape of the clouds. Is this because they only "evolve" up and down but otherwise hold their shape? This is surely some sort of feature we are missing?

Any clues?

Kevin Kipper

Hi Nezbitten,

Here's a tutorial which covers the animation parameters of the clouds.


thanks i had seen this, i just must have settings incorrect, there is no "parameter" for evolution in the "left right" only up and down though.


4D Noise in power fractal tab should do what you want. It changes the noise over time..


For other (un-easy :P ) v2 or v3 clouds you can use this method and experiment with speeds, and possible extra's such as animated transform shaders and extra fractals.