I can not download my expired license key

Started by Nala1977, February 06, 2024, 01:08:20 PM

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Hello my maintenance expired on 3 jan 2024. Since i have formatted my pc i can no longer find the license key from my control panel in the website.
it says license expired of course, but i can not license Terragen 4 anymore because i cant download the licence file.

Can you guys help me please?

im also a bit confused, i thought i had a permanent license to use in between when i bought it and the latest version up untill my maintenance ends.
Im also into the "indie 50" category which i just noticed is less expensive than renewing the maintenance on my license.

So how do i get again the license to work with the latest version my maintenance was supporting? Also i cant find a download link either to check latest supported version..

Kevin Kipper

Hi Nala1977,

A maintenance license is also a perpetual license.  Its expiry date determines the latest version of Terragen you can run.  Even though your maintenance expired on 3 Jan 2024, Terragen will still run.

There are a number of ways to locate your license key file.  If you're able to run Terragen, there is a "Reveal license key" option under the Help menu.  This will open up a window to the folder containing your license key file.

If you log into your online account, you'll find links to your license key file and software under the original purchase transaction's "View Details and Downloads" link.

If you're interested in the new pricing tiers, please contact us at support@planetside.co.uk where we can determine the best way to help you out.