How to Export a Cube 'Skybox' (& Optionally Convert to a 'Skydome')

Started by outpt, January 07, 2007, 12:43:32 PM

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This tutorial will show you how to output six skybox textures for use in your projects, using Terragen 2. This tutorial does not show you how to use Terragen 2 or how to create your sky.

This tutorial is aimed at those who use Terragen 2 to create custom cube skyboxes for their projects - more specifically those who create additional game levels or modifications for popular games such as the Unreal series. It may prove primitive for more advanced Terragen users.

Tutorial: How to Export a Skybox

More recent projects or games, such as Unreal Tournament 3, use skydomes instead of skyboxes. An additional tutorial, which will show you how to convert your skybox into a skydome, is also available below.

Tutorial: Convert a Skybox into a Skydome

Note: These tutorials use the free preview version of Terragen 2, which is available from the official Planetside Software website. The interface and features of Terragen 2 may change before it's final release. Additionally, a plug-in which automates this process is likely to be developed at some point.


These links are broken.  Can someone reupload the tutorial please and thankyou?  I'm currently working on creating skyboxes and skydomes this week with Terragen 3 full edition.  I have found some info about Terragen 1 elsewhere, but no later.  I'm particularly interested in getting the shades lined up precisely after setting the horizontal focus to 90 degrees in a sky box right now.  The box I can do, just the very corners of the skies are a little off three or four shades another way than picture perfect.  I can post examples if necessary.


There is lots of other (better, newer) info about this on the forums. The above tutorial was written well before we had Global Illumination Caching, which resolves most cases of lighting mismatch at tile edges. Check out the GI Caching documentation here:

- Oshyan