Can someone Please make a planet this shape?

Started by Jack, November 25, 2009, 06:01:17 pm

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Hey guys I am wondering with functions etc if someone could please try and turn a planet object into a shape similar to this

I need it badly for a cloud scene :-[
cheers jack
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Have you tried using a really big crater ??




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I tried with a big crater. There is room to modify.



cool! this works but I cant seem to get the clouds to follow the terrain ???. shouldnt the clouds dip in where the crater is? (i am trying to make a mushroom cloud)
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Henry Blewer

I think the clouds map to a sphere. Isn't the atmosphere just another sphere? ???

Anyway, could you duplicate the planet sphere and apply an atmosphere to that? Not much help. This is something I have never tried.
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is their away to bend the sphere the clouds sit on into this sort of shape?
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Wetbanana, i don't know TG2 so much ...
Making thick  clouds and with a distance shader above the center of the crater to make them there go away ... maybe this would be doable ? :-\
This is all i can think of...



How about cheating? Put a large metacloud (?) on top of a smaller one for your mushroom effect. Then mess with it until you like it.
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Hi Look here

I havn't played with this for some time but it can be done with a greyscale image map of your terrain - see bottom of the above thread wow.jpg