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[[Image:camera-export-tab.png|center|Camera - Export Tab]]
[[Image:Tg4-camera-export-tab.png|center|Camera - Export Tab]]
'''Description'''<br />
'''Description'''<br />

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Camera - Export Tab

The Export tab allows you to export camera data, including position, rotation and FOV data. You can export to a .chan file or a FBX file. Animation is exported if you have the Animation module.

Chan files are exported as Nuke .chan files. Animation is baked, so there is a line in the file for every frame in the animation. There are 8 values per line, ordered like this:

  1. Frame number
  2. X

  3. Y

  4. Z

  5. Rotate X

  6. Rotate Y

  7. Rotate Z

  8. Vertical field-of-view

Each value is separated by a space.

When you export an FBX file the following settings are used:

  • Animation is baked, that is a keyframe is set for every frame of animation.
  • The frame rate is set to 24 fps.
  • Units are converted to centimetres.
  • The export format is FBX v7.3.

If you need more control over these settings you can export the entire scene (perhaps choosing to only export cameras) using the "Export FBX Scene" item in the File menu. For more information about exporting FBX files please see the FBX Reference.


  • Export chan file button: Click this to export the camera to a .chan file.
  • Export FBX file button: Click this to export the camera to a FBX file.

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