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"Get" function nodes retrieve specific pieces of information about the scene. Usually this data is gathered from the current pixel or polygon being evaluated/rendered by the render engine. The output may depend on where the function is being evaluated in the shader network.

"Get" nodes ignore anything connected to their "main input". If a "main input" socket exists it is only because it is automatically created for all function nodes, and it has no purpose in "Get" nodes.

A single element of an image which describes values for color and/or intensity, depending on the color system which the image uses. Groups of ordered pixels together form a raster image.

A shader is a program or set of instructions used in 3D computer graphics to determine the final surface properties of an object or image. This can include arbitrarily complex descriptions of light absorption and diffusion, texture mapping, reflection and refraction, shadowing, surface displacement and post-processing effects. In Terragen 2 shaders are used to construct and modify almost every element of a scene.