FBX Import: Scene

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FBX Import: Scene

Description and Purpose:
The FBX Import: Scene dialog contains settings to control the import of FBX files. It's shown when you import an FBX file by choosing "Import FBX Scene..." from the File menu.

Please see the FBX Compatibility page for more information on how different FBX elements are imported.

Animation is only imported if you have the Animation module.


  • Import cameras: If this is checked cameras are imported.
  • Import lights: Check this to import lights. The checkbox below controls what sort of lights get imported.

  • Only import supported light types: If this is checked then only types of lights that TG directly supports are imported. The directly supported types are point lights and directional lights, which get imported as Light Source and Sunlight nodes respectively. If you leave this unchecked, which is the default, then all lights will be imported. Any light types which aren't directly supported, such as spotlights, are imported as Light source nodes.

  • Import markers and nulls: Check this to import markers and nulls from the files. All types of markers will be imported, including IK markers.

  • Import animation: If this is checked then animation will be imported. After choosing the FBX file the "FBX Import: Animation" dialog will open to let choose animation settings.

  • Convert to metres: Check this to convert units from the FBX file to metres.

  • Scale factor: This lets you choose a scale factor that's applied to dimensions from the FBX file. Larger numbers will increase the imported sizes. As an example use a scale factor of 2 to double the original size. A scale factor of 0.5 will make imported dimensions half the original size.

  • Cancel button: Click this button to cancel the FBX import.

  • Choose File... button: Click this button to choose the FBX file to import.

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