Populator v3 - Object Rotation Tab

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Populator v3.01 - Object Rotation Tab

Description: The Object Rotation tab lets you control the variation in the rotation of object instances in the population. Allowing variation in the rotation of your objects can help to give a population variety and look more natural. You can also control how population instances are angled relative to the terrain.

You can choose a minimum and maximum Y rotation for object instances. These control how the populator rotates each instance about its vertical Y axis. The default is minimum of 0 and a maximum of 360. This means the populator is free to rotate all instances to any angle about their Y axis. However lets say you wanted all instances to point in a certain direction, 45º for example. You would set the minimum and maximum Y rotation to 45 and all instances would be rotated to 45º. If you wanted the objects to generally facing in a 45º direction but still have some variation you could use a minimum of 42 and a maximum of 48. This would mean the objects could be placed 3º either side of 45 and make things a little less regular.


  • Minimum Y rotation: This sets the minimum rotation angle (in degrees) used by the populator.
  • Maximum Y rotation: This sets the minimum rotation angle (in degrees) used by the populator.
  • Lean to terrain normal: If this is checked object instances can lean according to the slope of the underlying terrain. The slope is take from the terrain normal. If this is unchecked instances are always oriented so their Y axis points straight up.
  • Lean effect (0..1): This controls the strength of the lean effect. It works in a range from 0 to 1. Higher values mean the lean or tilt of instances more closely matches the terrain normal.
  • Don't lean if slope below: If the slope is below the specified value the instance will not be tilted.
  • Reduce lean if slope: TBC

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