Populator v4 - Editing Tab

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Populator v4 - Editing Tab

The Editing tab has settings which assist with editing population instances. You can find out more about editing population instances here.


  • Total instances: This shows the total number of instances in the population.

  • Num. modified instances: This displays the number of modified instances in the population.
  • Highlight modified instances: Check this to highlight modified instances in the 3D Preview. Modified instances are drawn with a green bounding box.
  • Reset Modified button: Clicking this button will reset all modified instances to their original location. You can reset individual instances by selecting a modified instance in the 3D Preview and pressing shift-R.

  • Num. deleted instances: This displays the number of deleted instances in the population.
  • Show deleted instances: If this is checked then deleted instances will be shown in the 3D Preview. Deleted instances are drawn with a red bounding box.
  • Restore Deleted button: Click this button will restore all deleted instances to the population. You can restore individual instances. First check the Show deleted instances checkbox so that you can both see and select deleted instances. Select a deleted instance and press shift-delete to restore it.

  • Start Editing button: This button will start editing the population in the last used 3D Preview.
  • Stop Editing button: Click this button to stop editing the population.

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The bounding box is a box which surrounds (or bounds) an object or shader. This box shows the maximum extents of the item inside it. Sometimes abbreviated as "b-box".