Terragen Input Settings (Windows)

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These are the input settings for the Windows version of Terragen 3. The inputs for each part of the interface are listed and described, along with the mouse or key inputs.

The mouse and key inputs shown are for the Universal input presets, which is the default. You can choose different input presets in the Input Settings preferences panel. If you do choose a different set of presets you can see what the mouse or key inputs are by opening the Mouse and Key Settings Window from the Help menu in TG3.

The input settings for each item are shown in square brackets (i.e. [ a ] for the "a" key). Some of the input settings have abbreviations. This is what the abbreviations mean:

  • LMB : Left mouse button
  • MMB : Middle mouse button
  • RMB : Right mouse button
  • MW: Mouse wheel

You can find the default Mac input settings here.