Terrain Object export

Started by Mohawk20, March 10, 2007, 06:13:10 PM

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Thanks for all the replies...

I croped the renders and it worked.

@Oshyan: I chose to take 5 shots because the LWO exporter only exporst the visible terrain. That means that if I want a large area, I have to take pictures from all four sides (90 degrees apart), and from the top to fill the crater.
I am convinced that any double polys can be removed, and if there are too many it should be possible to lower the meshes quality and thus the amount of polys. IMO more detail can be reduced, but not the other way around.

@ Matt: I have renderd 2 versions of the shots for texture puposes, only one of both per frame with the Micro exporter activated in the render options, I have not phisicaly removed the node. With it deactivated, I still had to render the frames in 2 cropped steps. Strange thing is, the first 2 views rendered in one go, the other 3 didn't. I guessed it was because of the extremely large fake stones (700 size).

Is there any more info you guys need?