Warp shader and Image map?

Started by Roberts, July 19, 2010, 07:22:19 am

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Hi all!

Now I´ve bumped into another problem with the warp shader and the image map. I now have set up a scene where I want an image map that is projected through a camera to be warped. The fact that the image is projected through a camera seems to totally take away the warping effect I want. If I use another projection, plan Y for example, the warping takes place as it should. Do I need some function node to maybe get the "image coordinates" from the camera projection or something?



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Quote from: Hetzen on July 22, 2010, 04:33:19 pm
...Saying that, I've never needed to use a 'Get Position in Texture' to drive a PF before, I think you maybe mistaken on that front....

Yes, Hetzen. You are correct.
The last project I was working on that involved the warp shader was my voronoi caustics thing.
In that case, of course, a Get Position in Texture node is required to warp the base voronoi 3d diff scalar 'function' by a fractal shader.


I think I'd just drummed it into my head that it was required when dealing with other shaders, too.
A power fractal will provide tex coords to the warp shader, as you say. :)
My mistake.

EDIT: Added small image.


Roberts: See this post by Matt on your exact problem: http://forums.planetside.co.uk/index.php?topic=7213.msg76923#msg76923

I think you might need to use the plan Y option and relocate your image map shader coord's to the desired location.


Thanks for the tip!

I am now using the "side Z" projection, which works as well for the effect I´m after this time. It´s a pity though that we cannot warp an image that is projected through a camera. Or is there perhaps a way?