Surface shader preview placement - Feature request

Started by helentr, March 14, 2007, 04:10:16 am

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The small square preview of surface shaders has 0,0 in the middle, except that that is the point where imported and generated terrains start by default, so to see the whole terrain one has to zoom out to 16 km(default is 1 km), when it fills about a quarter of a very small image, since panning is not possible on this.
You can use the ALT+mouse click to move the image around, but this doesn't change the view.
This has made it difficult to visualize an image mask's placement and the general distribution of textures.
On the contrary, the (unzoomable) terrain preview shows the whole generated terrain and (I suppose) the 0 to 10000 area of a fractal one.
Setting the shader preview to 0,0 at the lower left corner with the ability to pan would help a lot.



I agree that panning would be very usefull!

I also had some problems with the + and - buttons of that small preview. I'd think + is zooming in, and - is zooming out. But they actually change the size. - is a smaller area, and + a bigger area. So one zooms in with - and out with +.

Will that be changeable in the preferences settings in the future?