Bug or me ?

Started by microwar, July 31, 2010, 11:03:00 am

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July 31, 2010, 11:03:00 am Last Edit: July 31, 2010, 11:08:12 am by microwar
I added a landscape, added some wather, and when i put in the sufrace layer with "mud" it do not match the watherlevel.
Only thing i changed was the maximum altitude.
Shoud not the mud and wather match up?
Wather level is 20, mud is 23,no fuzzy zone.

edit:Added another image...

Henry Blewer

The water/lake is a disc or plane. The mud may be the right height, but the water/lake does not bend with the planet surface. At least this is how I understand the lake to work.
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Could be something like the "use y" for altitude etc.  Do you mind posting tgd so we can take a look at values?


Have you done major displacement after the compute terrain node?
If yes: Don't. Or add another compute terrain node.
If no: Try decreasing patch size in the compute terrain node.


Patch size did not correct it.
Smooth surface did, but then again i loose the details.

Can't add tgd here. Loaded a terrain file thats 2 meg. (LittlePineCanyonCO.ter) Not shure where i found it.

Only thing i did was, loaded the terrain, added wather, and then the shader.
Seen this on another terrains i played with.(attachment)
Tryed out the "wet" shader when i saw this.
Again only restricted by altitude.


Try a distribution shader (as a blend shader) to restrict heights and set it to 'final position' (but not necessarily Y). Maybe that helps. Usually a patch size of 1 in compute terrain helps as well.

Henry Blewer

You can add more power fractals and displacements after a compute terrain. The guys at Planetside don't recommend more than two or three at most. The compute terrain adds to the render time significantly.
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Compute terrain was the solution, just did not try anything as low as 1.

attached images showing 20(default) and 1.