*Mega* Wood Flooring Shader - by dandelO - UPDATED 24/10/10

Started by dandelO, August 19, 2010, 10:29:28 AM

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Quote from: dandelO on September 24, 2010, 03:33:14 PM
Frank: Will do, after dinner... EDIT: Does the CS uploader accept animated .gif preview images?

Good news!
I have never tried, but yes, I think it would allow for this.


Great work dandelO - Even I can make sense of that node network


NWDA link
Moving .gif works fine for full sized previews.

Cheers, AFR! :)


an idea just popped on me to use this wood shader to one of my future deviation. can you help me increase the size of the woods intended for 1km? i was trying to analyze the code but i'm not successful in finding the scaling of the bricks


Just ignore the plank functions, Nethskie. ;)

This couldn't be simpler, really. Pop it into the 'shader' port of a 'transform shader'. Now you can rescale *almost any shader.

This shows the wood multiplied to 1000x, the camera is 1000m up(see preview 'vheight');

You don't need to have the same values in each scale field, scale away! :)

*** Edit: This is probably something I should have included with the file, it's an easy, one-step scale/move function. I will do in future uploads, where applicable. It's a good shader to get used to because you don't need to fiddle with loads of sets of numbers inside. Any input shader can be easily divided or multiplied in size and also moved around in the world space.